Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is stock photography?
A stock photograph is an image that a publication may use to break up text in an article and don't have an image so they go to a stock photography web site a purchase a licence to use a stock image.

  • What is a stock photography web site?
A stock photography web site organizes and catalogues the images uploaded by contributors so that customers can find and purchase a licence for the selected images that they need for the project

  • Can I leave my job and just do stock photography?
For 99.9% of contributors, the answer is NO! This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme but if you put in the effort and do the work you could make a substantial income.

  • I've uploaded images, why are they not selling?
As long as your images are of a good standard they will sell but you must remember the following.
  1. If you uploaded images that other contributors have uploaded a lot of your images will be lost in the noise.
  2. On average only 10% of your uploads will sell and there is no logic to why this is.
  3. It can take a few weeks for your uploads to get into the system and appear in the catalogue for all the keywords you used.
  4. If you uploaded constantly you stand a better chance of your images selling. 

  • How much can I make?
On average you will make 25 US cents, yes you will need to licences 4 images to make $1.
You can make considerably more but it depends on the extras purchased by the licence buyer.

So as previously mentioned on average only 10% of your portfolio will sell so to make $1 you will 
need around 40 images to sell 4 of them at 25 US cents.


Don't forget your image can be licensed as may times as buyers like so one image could make you much more if its a great shot.

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